Ski Resorts

As long as you stay in Boutique Hotel Kokkino Spiti, in the beautiful town of Veroia, you have the opportunity to visit one by one every ski resort of central and western Macedonia. This experience will definitely revive you!

Day 1: 25km from the town of Veroia and after an interesting drive, you will meet the ski resort of Seli. It’s the first ski resort in Greece, providing ski runs of easy and average level of difficulty. Enjoy yourself by skiing, snowboarding and using a sleigh! This is a perfect place for the whole family!

Day 2: 29km from Veroia, you will discover the ski resort 3-5 Pigadia, with ski runs of all levels of difficulty and artificial snow!

Day 3: A little further, 35km from the town, you will meet the ski resort of Elatochori. This spot is preferential, due to its view to mountain Olympus and river Aliakmonas. Choose the ski run you prefer, among runs of different levels of difficulty, runs for snowboard and sleighs.

Day 4: 100km from Veroia, you will find Vigla Pisoderi, with the outstanding view of the big and the small Prespa, from the top of the runs.

Day 5: Ski in Vasilitsa, 105km from the town, at the northwest part of Grevena County, in the heart of Pindos!

Day 6: The third biggest mountain of Greece is waiting for you! Welcome to Voras-Kaimaktsalan ski resort, 98km from Veroia!