Apostle Paul’s Altar

Saint Paul or the Saint of the Nations, as he is called nowadays, came to Veria in 50-51 after Christ. He preached the Christian faith in Veria twice, at the point, where today stands a Podium dedicated to his sainthood.

In the first period of Christianity, the place where nowadays stands the Podium, was located outside the walls of the town. This is the touchstone of the ecclesiastic history of Veria.

The edifice, where the Apostle Paul’s Altar is located, is made of stone and is decorated by three big, magnificent, multicolor tessellations. Every year, in June, religious rituals take place, known as “Pavlia” and their high point is in the evening of the 29th of June with the outdoor evensong, during which the litany of Saint’s sacred image is being held.