The Archaeological Museum of Veroia

One tour only, in the Archaeological Museum of Veroia, is enough to be charmed by Greek history!

The Archaelogical Museum of Veroia hosts findings from the archaeological sites of Imathia County, dating back to the Hellenic and Roman times! The shed of the Museum hides an invaluable treasure, numerous magnificent findings since primitive times and Iron Age (cemetary of burial mounds in Vergina).

You can admire the honorific altars and the inscriptions at the garden of the Museum. The most important exhibit is the superscription of the “Secondary” Law of Veroia, the normative text for the operation of the ancient Secondary School of Veroia.

The Museum is a ground level building, composed of three chambers. The first chamber includes findings from tombs of the Hellenic times, such as vessels, jewelry, weapons and a model of the chamber graves of Veroia.

In the second chamber, the visitor can marvel at the numerous sculptures, vessels, figurines and the sign-plates from the Hellenic times and at the third chamber the sculptures, the portraits, the figurines and the jewelry from the Roman times will take your breath away.

Start a journey through time and history, feel the passion and awe in front of the magnificence of the past!