Byzantine Museum of Veria

As you are wandering about Veria, one thing is absolutely certain, you will be amazed by the Byzantine Museum of the town, which is housed in an old mill, known as the Mill of Markos. It’s a recently renovated industrial building from the beginning of the 20th century, in the Christian neighborhood of the town, Kyriotissa.

The three floors of the Byzantine Museum, host representative findings of the Byzantine culture, in an area of 720m2 , where each floor hosts different thematic collections.

The permanent exhibition of the museum includes a huge selection of icons, tessellation floors, mural paintings from temples, sepulchral monuments, architectural sculptures, marbled inscriptions,  longhands, coins and woodcarvings.

The program of the Museum introduces the culture of Central and Western Macedonia and completes the collections of Thessaloniki.

On the first floor of the exhibition, the visitor can admire the main characteristics of the Byzantine civilization, with the example of Veria and its huge historical abundance. The findings are organized in order to point up the connection between Veria and the other Byzantine cities, such as Konstantinoupoli, Thessaloniki and other cities of Macedonia. This connection appears in art, religion, commercial and financial transactions and in human force.